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Have questions? Please review some of the Frequently Asked Questions.
Q. What is a premium finance company?
A. A Premium Finance Company is engaged in the business of making loans to the insured
     in order to satisfy payment obligation with the insurance companies
Q. What happens after the insured signs a Premium Finance Contract?
A. Once an insured signs the premium finance contract, it creates a liability with the
     Premium Finance Company, and gives the legal rights to cancel the financed
     insurance coverage if the loan’s payments are not satisfied in the scheduled dates.
Q. How can an insured make the scheduled payments to the finance company?
A. An insured has many options to comply with the loan’s scheduled payments:
     - Personal check or money order payable to "ABCO Premium Finance". The check must
       be sent to the finance company prior to the due dates.
     - Online payment option thru, with check or credit card.
     - Credit Card payment option by phone (305) 461-2555.
Q. What would happen if an insured misses the scheduled due payment?
A. By law the Premium Finance Company must give a five day grace waiting period at no
     extra charge. After the five day waiting period an intent of cancellation will be mailed
     out to the insured and a late fee will be applied to the contract. Finally if payment is
     not received ten days after the intent of cancellation, the finance contract will be
Q. How could an insured or an insurance agent find information about a financed contract?
A. Information is available online 24/7 at For an insured, the
     contract number and the Zip Code will give access to the website.

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